What We Do

Most likely your largest fixed expense is the cost of leasing office space, it can be upwards of 50% of your  budget.  Landlords negotiate leases all the time, in order to level the  playing field hiring a knowledgable and experienced broker representing  your interests is in your best interest.  It is important to make sure  that the broker representing you has no conflict of interest, most  brokerages in the city represent buildings and owners and do not have  your best interest at heart.  We will give you an unbiased and  consistent evaluation of all spaces that meet your criteria, we will  negotiate aggressively on your behalf to insure the best terms for your  lease, and we will continue to assist you in all your real estate needs  throughout the life of the lease.  Not only do we offer our services in  finding new space, but we are a valuable asset in negotiating terms for a  renewal or modification of an existing lease.